Day 4

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10:00 - 11:30

Session 14: Public Web Resources

Chairs: David Gloriam & Jana Selent


David Gloriam (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

GPCRdb updates

Albert Jelke Kooistra (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Revamping ligands in the GPCRdb

Jimmy Caroli (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Live demo – Biased signaling resource updates


Jana Selent (IMIM UPF, Barcelona, Spain)

GPCRmd updates

Ainoleena Turku (Orionpharma, Espoo, Finland)

Structural insights into Frizzleds — the power of combining simulations to experiments

Alessandro Nicoli (Leibniz Institute for Food Systems Biology at the Technical University of Munich, Germany)

Structural analysis of the second extracellular loop of class A GPCRs

11:30 - 12:00


12:00 - 13:45


13:45 - 16:40

EU funding workshop

Information on grants and funding within the European Union

Chair: Dayana Abboud

Dayana Abboud (University of Liege, Belgium)

ERNEST5 survey and EU fundings

Andreas Krell (European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations | KoWi)

General overview of funding schemes in Horizon Europe

Franziska Heydenreich (MRC LMB Cambridge/Stanford University, UK/US)

Marie Curie Fellowships

Antonella Ciancetta (University of Ferrara, Italy)

A personal journey with EU funding

Mette Rosenkilde (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

ERC consolidator grant

Jozef Vanden Broeck (KU Leuven, Belgium) (not recorded upon request)

Horizon 2020 project

16:40 - open end