Yamina Berchiche,


Dr. GPCR Ecosystem 2.0: Collaborating Better

I am, Dr. Yamina Berchiche, founder of Dr. GPCR. I worked for almost 2 decades on decoding chemokine receptor structure/function relationships using bioluminescence resonance energy transfer.

During my time in the lab, I identified the largest problem in our industry. In short, it’s a lack of visibility on what and who is out there. I then asked myself:

Why don't we have our own corner in this interconnected digital world?

Why don’t we have our own little “playground” where we can communicate with each other, share our unique knowledge and find the perfect partners & collaborators?

My love for the field inspired me to create Dr. GPCR in 2020. In this talk, I will walk you through what we’ve accomplished in the past two years. Then, I will take you on a live tour of Dr. GPCR Ecosystem 2.0 where our community can use modern technology dedicated exclusively to the GPCR field. A place where we can consume, contribute, collaborate and co-create together as an industry.